Research on Caucasus biodiversity and intensification of cooperation of all project partners continue ….

From April 26, 2019 to May 12, 2019, the second part of the scientific and educational activities took place in the Caucasus, related to the implementation of the V4 & Eastern Partnership project (Visegrad Fund, project no. 21810533).

The project promoters (scientists and volunteers from the V4 countries, Azerbaijan and Georgia) organised a number of interesting events and workshops to increase the awareness of  the importance of Caucasus biodiversity among the locals.

Field work related to the education of the colleagues and the general public was held this time in the surroundings of Tbilisi, Telavi and Akhmeta in Georgia, and in the surroundings of Zaqatala, Qax, Seki and Gabala in Azerbaijan.

In addition to the above events, the project promoters conducted several Workshops. The three workshops were held in Georgia (at State University of Telavi , Administration of the National Park in Akhmete, and Primary School in Telav) and two of them in Azerbaijan (Primary school in Qax and National Park Administration in Qax).

All events received a positive feedback from the local people, and several institutions even showed interest in establishing closer cooperation on biodiversity research.


by Michal Rendoš, Peter Manko & Jozef Oboňa